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Accountability for the content

The Content of our Website has been constructed with a high amount of accuracy.

We can not guarantee the correctness, integrity and actuality of the content. Referred to § 7 Abs. 1 TMG we as the service provider are responsible for the content of this Website. Corresponding to §§ 8 to 10 TMG we are not obligated neither to supervise submitted, saved or borrowed files nor to search for circumstances which indicate illegitimate occupations. Commitments to distance or suspension of the utilization of informations according to the law are remain unaffected. Accountability in this regard is not continent until the point of concrete encroachment. If we recognize any infringement, we make sure to remove the content of our website.

Accountability for the links

Our offer contains links to external website of a third party, for the content of this websites we got no influence. This is the reason why we can not take warranty on external substance. Responsible for the content of the external website is always the particular provider or operator. At the point of linkage the external Websites were checked if there exists any potential statutory violations. A permanent Control with regard to content of the external websites is not possible without a concrete indication of an encroachment. If we recognize any infringement, the external links will be deleted.


The established work and content on this websites underlie the german copyright. The duplication, adaptation dissemination or any kind of application beyond the pale of copyright need a written acceptance of the particular writer or originator. Downloads and copies of this website are just permitted for the private not for the commercial application. Insofar the operator didn't construct the content on this website, the copyrights of the third party will be observed. The contents of the third party will be marked. If you still recognize a copyright infringement, we ask you for indication. If we recognize any infringement, the content or work will be deleted.

Data protection

The utilization of our website is possible without allegation of personal data. Insofar as personal data were compiled on our website (for example name, email address) it occurs as far as possible on an optional base. These information will not be shared with a third party without an explicit agreement. To use data in the context of company information, published contact details through a third party for transmission of requested advertisement and information material will hereby contradict. The operator of the website will initiate legal measures, in the case of unsolicited consignment (for example advertisement through spam emails)